Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An offer we can’t refuse

Look, I can write about TV shows with lesbians that don’t have a single “L” in them. Who’d a thunk it? A new trailer for the upcoming (yet still unscheduled…end writers strike, end!) “Cashmere Mafia” has hit the interwebs. Nothing too new, except of course for Lucy Liu’s new love interest. They swapped out the unknown guy from the pilot to put in a slightly less unknown guy (Tom Everett Scott, who was in that terrible “An American Werewolf in Paris” movie with Julie Delpy, which I only watched for Julie Delpy and even so regretted more than a little.) Despite the Darrin-ing (you know, from “Bewitched”… hello?…crickets) of the boy toy, he still seems like a dud. And the show seems a little dud-like, too. It’s not the cast, which is to a woman fantastic (well, I don’t know if Bonnie Somerville is fantastic yet, since I don’t remember her from anything, but she is playing gay and that is fantastic so ipso facto she is fantastic….Man, what’s the deal with my out of control parentheticals today?).Really, by big beef with what I’ve seen so far is the writing, which (to put it charitably) isn’t all that wow. OK, the “kosher” line was sorta funny. But then it was totally negated by the “it’s not winning without you” pap. We need only turn our gaze to the mess that was “Bionic Woman” to know that writing matters. Writing makes a show. So seeing a scene where the friends tell the other friend’s new fiancé that “if you break her heart, we’ll break every last bone in your body” is not encouraging. Raise you hand if you’ve heard some variation on that theme once, twice or maybe 3,867 times before (I’m putting two hands up and making that “Ooh, ooh, teacher!”-call on me noise).Oh course, none of my whining really matters since the show features a prominent lesbian storyline so, duh, I am totally going to watch. I don’t know why TV producers haven’t caught on, but lesbian audiences are unfailingly faithful. We’ll watch almost anything as long as there is a lesbian in it. We’ll even keep watching when you inevitably turn her storyline into that old chestnut, the pregnant lesbian cliché. I mean, the show has “Mafia” in the title and a lesbian. That’s an offer no gay gal can refuse.

p.s. Did you catch the shot of Wallace Shaw filming on set with Lucy? Uh, is he in every lesbian show this season? Is he the new Birkenstocks?


Andro-boi said...

I must just be a sap, 'cause I thought the 'it's not winning without you' line was kinda cute.

And honestly? the 'if you hurt her, we'll break every last bone in your body' bit is a cliche for a reason. It's also an effective threat, so why not?

Though I would've loved to hear them say "If you hurt her, I will beat you to death with a shovel" all sweet and innocent like.

Anonymous said...

All I remember from that promo is "4 close-knit friends, makin it together" lol

Anonymous said...

The show looks a bit boring, but I'll give it a chance, if it ever airs.

Too funny that Wallace Shaw is on this show too. He must love lesbians, but what guy doesn't ~LOL~