Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Grace notes

Hey, did you know Holly Hunter was back on TV? You might have missed it, what with TNT being all mysteriously hush-hush about it returning for four new episodes this month. [Thanks for the reminder, Dame Rhetorica!] “Saving Grace” is back and came in like a hurricane. Sorry, make that a tornado. I can’t say last night’s episode was my favorite. The God works in mysterious ways metaphor was a little, make that a lot, heavy handed and the story felt disjointed. Grace is working on a case about a bus crash that killed several children when a twister came and tore her investigation asunder. And then she tries to save a woman trapped in the wreckage from the storm named Dorothy (played by Mary Kay Place, see you knew you recognized her). Things didn’t work out so well, but still, I had to chuckle. This makes the second show I’m watching that involved tornadoes and a character called Dorothy. Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Regardless last night’s overly divine intervention, I’m going to check remaining three episodes of “Saving Grace,” if for nothing else the magnificent Ms. Hunter. The series is an excellent showcase of her spectacular talents. [Click to enlarge, y’all.]

Like say, her cop arms:And her riding skills:And her pool prowess:And her all-around adorableness:Plus, does anyone else look at Holly and Laura San Giacomo and get an acute case of Wishful Lesbian Thinking?Oh, and, just in case that wasn’t enough to get you watching, how about these shots? Hey, that girl looks familiar.Catch Erin Daniels on the show Dec. 17. Now if only there was some way her character could go out for drinks with Grace and then one thing leads to another and, what do you know, handcuffs.


Anonymous said...

Ms. S. I just love the way your (dirty) little mind works *smiles*. I would have issued a reminder re Grace but I figured you already knew.

Sidenote: And for the folks who watch Life, it's been moved to Mondays.

Anonymous said...

P.S. - Erin also appeared in an Episode of Dexter in the first season. She played a really bitchy neighbor (it was fun). Did anyone catch that?

Amanda said...

Aw.. I miss Erin.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say you didn't really have me (too much tv already) until that familiar looking girl popped up. I shall be tuning in. Dang, I miss that girl.

Erin was also on CSI: NY last week and an episode of Big Shots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snaps, Dorothy. They were as--maybe even more--satisfying than Monday's twister/twisted episode. Here's hoping things—-besides funnel clouds—-are on the up and up. With Daniels on the way, I figure they pretty much have to be, right?

Julie said...

I have been looking ALL OVER for some Rhetta/Grace femslash, to no avail! I think they have amazing chemistry. They have actually worked together before when they played sisters in Once Around in the eighties (or maybe early 90s, I forget).

I definitely think they inspire major couple type thoughts.