Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Weekend Crush

How delicious is Vanessa Williams? As Wilhelmina Slater, she is so divaliciously devious, you almost forget what a staggeringly stunning woman she is. Plus, no one works an eyebrow arch harder. In less than two seasons she has made the evil editrix extraordinaire a classic comedy character for the ages. Fabulous. Fierce. Fearsome. And while we all love the malevolent scheming, every now and then she shows a little heart. For a second. OK, make that a spilt second. And talk about your comebacks. After being forced to resign her 1984 Miss America crown is disgrace when nude photos of her appeared in Penthouse, Vanessa has gone on to be probably the most famous and successful of all the pageant’s past contestants. So, uh, suck it prudes. Also, does anyone else take secret delight in the fact that her racy shots were with another woman? (NSFW, ‘natch.) Insert patented Wilhelmina eyebrow raise here. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. I've always TRULY admired Vanessa strength throughout the whole ideal and I wanted to go to the highest point I could find when she went on to be successful and tell all those who pointed a figured to SHOVE IT!! I ABSOLUTELY *heart* Vanessa - Always Had and Always Will.

Thank You for bringing her to the fore Ms. S.

You ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

Please forgive my spelling, for some damn reason my page is showing up in FRENCH!! (pumps fists in the air!!!) ARGHHHH!!!
*Vanessa's strength* *ordeal*

Anonymous said...

I have been <3'n VW since she was Miss New York State and came to my tiny little town to get dresses made for her with a local designer for the big show. Always backed her 1,000 percent and knew her talent was bigger and better then the pageant. She is an excellent choice for a crush! :)

Anonymous said...

VW just happens to be on Ellen Monday and during her interview...they talk about Vanessa showing some skin once again...on her own terms...for Allure magazine earlier this year.

Here is a link to an online copy of the magazine image...