Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It’s a So-Called Life

So last night instead of playing with any of my new toys (damn Photoshop is, like, complicated), I popped in one of my birthday presents from last month -- the “My So-Called Life” box set. Naturally, I clicked over to the show’s Christmas episode, titled “So-Called Angels.” I’ve waxed eloquent (or at least tried to) elsewhere about the show and its star Claire Danes before. I’ve even been known to judge a person’s character on whether she watched, adored and can recite lines verbatim from the show. (Hey, I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, I’m just saying it happens sometimes.)

The Christmas episode, while it tiptoes into very-special-episode territory, is a perfect example of what made this series great. To be more precise, the story of Rickie being thrown out of his home over the holidays is a perfect example of what made this series great. Rickie Vasquez was, and remains, the most realistically drawn gay teen characters on television. His story is so many of our stories. It’s a boy fully aware of his otherness, yet still trying to understand what it means. Wilson Cruz’s portrayal of him is nothing short of perfect. I’ll admit, this episode puts the old lump in the old throat even today. God, I’m a softie. Wait, I never said that. Oh, who am I kidding? Does anyone have a tissue?

p.s. If you’ve never seen the episode, please enjoy a very-special recap complete with snark and sniffles courtesy those mad geniuses at Television Without Pity.


Unknown said... is also playing a new episode of My So Called Life every Friday!

Anonymous said...

I am angry about the new box set. I bought mine, the original, for $90 4 years ago. Now it has come out with extras and can be found for $50. Grrr. Still, what a fantastic show. Probably stands to be the most realistic show about high school kids, ever.

I know that it is what got me through high school.

I so wanted to be Rayanne, it's not even funny. :)

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky! I've been trying to get one of those box sets foEVA! :-)

Anonymous said...

i got chills hearing juliana hatfield singing that song again *sniff*

- click