Monday, December 17, 2007

(Almost) Naked Lady Monday

Thud. Oh, sorry, I must have fallen down. I’m not really sure what happened. I saw Lena Headey was in some magazine and went to look and then… Thud. Damn, it happened again. I was just looking at Lena in the new “Best Life” magazine, some men’s rag I’ve never heard of before, when I suddenly felt faint and… Thud. Right, this is getting ridiculous. Plus, I think I’ve bruised my forehead. I’m going to have to shield my eyes to finish this post. Must. Not. Look. Must… Thud. Seriously, Snarker, pull it together. You’re working; be professional… Thud. OK, just do this quickly: So Lena talks about her new role in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles;” getting in fights when she was younger to defend her younger brother (who “played the violin and painted his nails” and is now an air steward…read into that what you will); and drops the F-bomb liberally, which of course I fucking love. She even gives “Imagine Me & You” fans everywhere hope by saying she could “quite happily run a florist or a bake shop.” Good God, you mean she could be the hottest florist in the world, for real? Thud.

[Click ’em to enlarge ’em, but beware the thud. Scans via the “Imagine Me & You” Fansite. Hat tip, jetgirl!]


Cal said...

argh... I (almost) choke on my lunch...Thanks :o)

Ida said...

I drooled.
I really did.
It's embarrassing.

The Gentleman said...

Thud, thud, thud, thud... This is embarrassing... it has to stop!!
Somehow I think I found the perfect pics for my christmas cards..
btw I almost sprayed my laptop with soy latte with the third image... bad ms.Snarker...very bad

Anonymous said...

nMs. S (Thud).. I'll (Thud).. have (Thud)... You.. (Thud!) know (Thud) that (Thud) faiting (Thud!) over (Thud) Lena (Thud) is (Thud) absolutely (Thud) unacceptable (Thud) and (Thud) totally (Thud) my (Thud) thing! And (must not faint before I finish.. will type really fast) as the Brits would say... For f---sake! (Thud) Lena is (Thud) f--king hot!!! (THUD!!!)

And now that I've (Thud) made such a shameful/less (Thud) spectacle of myself (Thud), I'll just stare stupidly (once I can keep from fainting) at these pics for the rest of my life!


.-.-.- said...

Oh Lordy, another chick with her ass up in the air. Just what we needed.

She is gorgeous, but these pictures lack class.

Tricia said...

I don't want class with my ogling. I want down and dirty outright lust. The ass is nice, the whip is better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lena, why? I liked you so much better before. You don't need to do this!

The "writer" of that first paragraph, however, *needs* shot.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Is it wrong that I would prefer to see the original Sarah Connors in that photo shoot? Oh, Linda Hamilton, when you beefed up my heart sang!

Anonymous said... wow.. Lena is super duper booper hot.. still picking parts of my jaw from the floor..
But I also dont like the style they used. Those high heels? Please.. thats so not her.. (or at least not her in my head ;-)

Anonymous said...

No complaints here. Everyone does these kinds of pictures and she blows them all away (and the most she's undressed is in a ONE PIECE bathing suit!). She also manages to look kick ass.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what she's wearing, ever: she is so ridiculously sexy, it almost hurts.

If I wasn't interested in a terminator tv show, before, I am now!

K.N.M. said...

Oh my God! Rarely do pictures ever shock a good way. :)

saturae said...

I can't pick my jaw up from the floor. Holyfrakkingcraptotalhotness!