Thursday, December 06, 2007

‘Life’ is good

Well, here is the thing. Despite all of your insistence, I gave up on “Life.” Actually, it would be more accurate to say I just never got restarted again. I caught the first couple episodes and then my TV time to sleep time to actual real life time ratio got way out of whack and I just never picked back up the show. Also, after foolishly sitting through all those terrible episodes of “Bionic Woman,” I kind of lost my taste for more TV on Wednesday nights. But now I feel like I’ve made a terrible mistake. Which, of course, I will try to make amends for with peace offerings and hot pictures.
So, in Monday night’s episode, Sarah’s character gets a little surprise lip action from a woman at a party. Sniff. It made me all sentimental for her “the L Word” days. The scene was great, kind of priceless even. Her reaction was both stunned and unfazed, which is difficult to do. But, then, I guess she has had plenty of practice. I thought this sequence was hilarious; pay close attention to Sarah’s eyes. [Click each to enlarge.]Check out Sarah talking about her new role with the NY Daily New here. The final new episode of “Life” completed by the Writer’s Strike aired last night. It’s my secret -- I guess not-so secret now -- hope that NBC will replay the show’s season from the beginning now that we’re in repeat hell. It would give sheepish Janey-Come-Latelys like myself a chance to atone. And what marvelous atoning it is.

[Hat tip, cailean for the video!]


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Yes, despite all of the recommendations to watch 'Life', I only just started. Putting it on after 'Heroes' and me being too lazy to pick up the remote, ensured (by a margin of error of less than 2%) that I would be tuning in.

.-.-.- said...

*cough*Told you so*cough*

Anonymous said...

Ms Snarker in as much as I hate to do this (and especially to you) BOOO YAH TOLD YA SO!!!!!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I cannot help but forgive you after those lovely pics.

P.S. Jen from PA - shame on you *shakes head at you*

Ms. S. you still ROCK (hard!)

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is because of The Bionic Woman that I started watching Life. Because like JFP...I can some times be too lazy to use the remote. But I ended up liking Dani Reese more then Jamie Sommers. I wanted to like The Bionic Woman...but I couldn't force it and with Life...there is nothing to force. So no matter what time slot Life is still worth it to hunt it down and watch. I, too, hope NBC shows repeats so more people can see why others of us were hooked and kept watching. Because the bigger the audience, the more likely the network will keep the show around and there is so much more story to tell.

Anonymous said...

Dani Reese is WAY more interesting than Carmen from LWord.

I think Sara Shahi is coming into her own with this character. The dynamic between her and Crews is compelling. Genderwise, Dani is more masculine, and Crews is more feminine.

Anonymous said...

Ah, nice to see you've finally seen the light! For me it was the other way around, Bionic Woman lost me after 2 episodes....but Life quickly became one of my favorite shows. Dani Reese is now my second favorite a**-kicking babe on TV.
Thanks for the positively yummy pics, Dorothy.

Anonymous said...

I love Sarah in life. My brother keeps telling me it's his new favorite show and I say...I bet. He swears it's not because of Sarah Shahi but it's funny how he knows more about the L word than I do.

I liked what anonymous said regarding Gender roles on the program. I didn't catch that.

I would like to whine and say can't Sarah be in two shows? Katee Sackoff managed to be in BSG & BW (Katee - only reason I even watched BW) A little Sharmen would be nice, for the new Season of L word even if they don't get back together. Someone needs to throw food at Shane or she will wilt away. Plus it was super cute.

Cookie said...

I love this show. I originally was just going to watch it for her but it turned out to be very interesting. I love her character (still miss her not being on The L Word, but at least she is on a TV show!!), Damien's, and the storylines on the show. Sexy pix!