Friday, July 20, 2007

Way to go, boys

Well, well, well. Isn’t this interesting? It seems Jodie Foster has been outed by -- wait for it, wait for it -- her sons! (Major hat tip, cappuccinogirlie at the AE forums!) The lovely and amazing Ms. Foster inched further out the closet door Wednesday at the opening of the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s new Saban Center For Health And Wellness. The facility’s therapy pool was donated by and named for Jodie. So, guess what you’ll find hanging on the wall of the Jodie Foster Aquatic Pavilion? Bronzed handprints of her two boys, Kit and Charles. And what does it say under those handprints? Kit Bernard Foster and Charles Bernard Foster. And what is Jodie’s longtime partner’s name? Cydney Bernard. Yes, that’s right, Kit and Charles have two mommies. And they’re not afraid to tell everyone. Fan-freaking-tastic! p.s. By the way, doesn’t Bernard Foster sound like a delicious dessert? Sorry, make that a delicious gay dessert.


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well...must say I'm in shock! I thought Jodie was going to be one of those people that stay way, way, waaaaaaaaaay back in the dark depths of the closet for her whole life...good on her for inching out in a slow but classy way

Rural Lesbian said...

I still don't think she will come out of the closet officially.

Wasn't Jodie's mom a lesbian too?

She is a woman of mystery and I think that is what I love about her.

Amanda said...

Aww. That made my day. She's so great and now even gayer, I mean, greater... :)


Anonymous said...

god love 'em

Anonymous said...

Those wacky kids.

Jodie's always had glass. Given the overt prejudice as well as experiences in her own life, I can see why she'd want to keep things quiet.

If she was busy trying to ban gay marriages or something, I'd feel different.

Anonymous said...

i don't think she gives a flip about what any of us think...more power to her.

Anonymous said...

Hmmnn my guess is that if you asked her about it she would reply with her usual diatribe on how she intends to keep her personal and professional life separate and how her personal life is nobody's business.
Oh and rural lesbian as to your question: Jodie's mom had a woman lover for a number of years (who according to the book by Jodie's bro Buddy supported them emotinally and financially)but when her kids made her a financial sucess she dumped the poor woman and went back to men.