Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another little girl lost

This story is no longer fun. It’s just sad and ugly. Plus I really don’t see how it can end well. Remember when she was an adorable red-head with a face full of freckles and eyes that sparkled? What’s left today is flat and hollow, depressed and drawn-out. It is potential squandered and there is no joy in that. What is lost may still be found. But only if someone helps this girl.


Anonymous said...

yes indeed. i saw this pic yesterday and found it so depressing ... the freckles that were now look almost like scars.

nu - what can we do to stop things like this happening? can we? i'm taking a bunch of classes at the moment learning how to teach elementary school kids, and a lot of it is about inculcating values ... *sigh*

delurk said...

It is a shame.

Tricia said...

I feel such empathy for her. Drugs, alcohol and the media will eat your soul. If this is the price of fame, no thanks.

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets the help she so badly needs.

Anonymous said...

she's an addict. it's impossible to understand unless you've been there.

her only hope is to completely surrender her will to a Power greater than herself. And even then, her recovery will be contingent on the maintenance of her spiritual condition.

she will hit her bottom - sooner or later. i hope and pray she finds the way out.