Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sonic Boom

This ad rocks so hard it just had to be shared. (Major hat tip -- hell, the whole hat -- to Scribe on this one.) Lord, the hotness. The awesomeness. The kickassitude. I could insert some kind of naughty pun about wanting to “Booomboom Tap” something myself, but really my brain is on overload from the sporty girl goodness so all I’ll say is, sign me up coach. I’m ready to play.


Anonymous said...

I love sports and was born in the 50's so my heart sings to see girls shown with power on the field.
It's the only thing that makes me wish I was young again- the chance to do the competitive sports thing with more focus and support.

Anonymous said...

damn, that makes me want to get up and run 15 miles, or just watch it again, you know...whatever.

Wendy, R.N. said...

Love it! I worked a few years in college athletics. I was always so much more a fan of the female athletes. The women are powerful, strong, unladylike and fun as hell to watch.

Gosh I wish it was softball season again.

W. :0)