Friday, July 06, 2007

Midnight in the Garden of Good & Gay

Mena Suvari is going gay again and this time her conquest will be a Bond Girl. Let me give you a second to process that information, form mental images and create fantasy scenarios. … OK, you good? Suvari has signed on to star in “The Garden of Eden,” an adaptation of the never-finished Ernest Hemingway novel that was published after his death in 1986. Set in the pre-Depression jazz era, the movie follows a pilot-turned-writer and his new wife (played by Suvari) as they honeymoon in Europe. From Variety:
“She becomes restless and tests her husband’s devotion in unusual ways. One is to bring a sultry Italian girl into their bedroom.”

Playing said “sultry Italian girl” will be sultry Italian actress Caterina Murino. You may remember her as the married beach beauty Bond, James Bond has a roll about with in “Casino Royale.” Suvari already memorably got her gay on as Claire’s not-quite girlfriend Edie on “Six Feet Under.” Man, who else wanted to shake Claire and say, “Dude, a hot girl is totally all over you. Get it together!”? While I liked Suvari before, I’d never really reveled in the hotness until her turn as Edie. Perhaps she just has better chemistry with her female co-stars. For the sake of Caterina and lascivious moviegoers like me everywhere, I certainly hope so.p.s. Those last few links are a little NSFW. Hell, it’s Friday. Go for it.


Anonymous said...

I nominate Caterina Murino as Weekend Crush...the girl has some dangerous curves

SLS said...

claire missed out on some good uhm...Tail!