Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Suddenly, I feel like having a glass of OJ

OK, Jessica Simpson, we get it. Your breasts are big. They’re huge. They’re planetary. They should be avoided by small children and animals for fear of getting sucked into their gravitational orbit. Seriously, we get it. Now, please, put them away. Plus, the girls look angry. Really, really angry. But then, wouldn’t you be a little pissed off if you were constantly being squeezed like oranges at the juice factory? Speaking of OJ, why is she the color of Tang?


Anonymous said...

Is that a nipple in the bottom right photo?? :-o
And her "tan" is just ridiculous!

nycrouge said...

I do believe that is some nipplage.

In defense of ladies with big ta-tas (I'm part of the D Cup Club), sometimes you just can't hide them, cleavage and all. They are there wanting to party no matter what you try and do with them. That said, Simpson's lady parts are definitely getting a little too much show.

Anonymous said...

I Thought that was Gwen Stefani in the first pic

Anonymous said...

Russ Meyer might be he was still alive....excuse my ignorance...but what does ms Simpson do for work?