Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Buffy #3: The Return of Willow

CLICK to enlarge the Willowy goodnessWillow! Willow is back! Willow is back with a vengeance! (Relax, not the black-eyed, back-haired, black-hearted vengeance we saw from her at the end of season six.) The third comic in the Buffy Season 8 series hits store shelves today. Looks like something Wicca this way comes. Sunnydale’s resident red-haired lesbian witch makes her first full appearance in the new comics to face off with former-witch, turned-rat, turned-back-to-witch Amy in a “witches’ battle royal.” Our cover girl is looking good. Damn good. Check out those pants. And that top. Are we sure this isn’t Vamp Willow? Speaking of Willow looking unWillow-like (but in a very good way), have you seen the shots of Alyson Hannigan in a bikini making the rounds? Oh the freckles…they’re…everywhere.

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