Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You talking to me?

Now, here is another actress who has picked similar roles of late (independent women facing sudden crisis) whose choices aren't grating on me. Jodie Foster may be playing a lot of "in jeopardy" parts, yet they haven't gotten old. I guess "Panic Room," "Flight Plan" and now "The Brave One" are proof that we never tire of seeing Ms. Foster kick serious ass.

Plus, DAMN, look at her arms. I love women with sinewy forearms. And I love a woman with sinewy forearms brandishing a firearm. Check that, a big gun.

These are shots of Jodie filming "The Brave One" in Brooklyn this week. In the movie, Jodie plays a woman recovering from a brutal attack who seeks revenge. Kind of sounds like "The Accused" without the lawyers.

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