Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Everything coming up Rosie?

ABC released its first cast photo of The new View with Rosie and without Meredith Vieira and Star Jones. I'm glad Star's gone, but oh Meredith, Meredith - wherefore art though Meredith? Not to be mean (oh fuck it, let's be mean) but the hot factor has decreased precipitously with her departure. It will be very interesting to see, when the show premieres Sept. 5, how the new chemistry works. Having an out lesbian who has no qualms about being a loud-mouth join an already acerbic crew will be a test for American audiences. And she is supposed to be the moderator of the group. My evil side wished Star had stayed for just a little while so we could see those two throw down. Now that would have made for some awesome television. It will also be interesting to see whether Rosie keeps up her odd, haiku-esque stream-of-consciousness postings at her blog Rosie. Will Barbara allow it? Stay tuned...

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