Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's oh so quiet, and so peaceful until...

Damn. I just checked out the trailer for Jamie Babbit's sophomore release "The Quiet" and color me impressed. The out director behind the campy coming-of-age lesbian comedy "But I'm a Cheerleader" returns to the big screen with an intense, dark family drama. From the looks of things Babbit hasn't lost her knack for picking pretty casts. The film, slated for limited released in New York/Los Angeles starting Aug. 25, stars Camilla Belle ("When a Stranger Calls") and Elisha Cuthbert ("24").

Belle plays Dot, a deaf teen who is suddenly orphaned and sent to live with her godparents and their daughter Nina (Cuthbert). But all is not shiny or happy with her new family where dark secrets and darker desires lurk underneath. Nina is a popular cheerleader (Hey, Jamie, I sense a theme) with, shall we say, issues. The trailer shows no overt lesbian content, but there are a few splashes of subtext. (Nina's cheerleader friend asks her, "How do you know if you're a good kisser?" They then share a look that lasts a beat too long…) Plus, there is all that whispering Nina does in Dot's ear.

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The Hollywood Reporter ran a full feature on Babbit and her new film today. Edie Falco and Martin Donovan also star as Nina's parents. Check out more on "The Quiet" here and here for trailers and other goodies. That's it. I'm sold. Bring on the popcorn.

8/4/06 UPDATE: Wow, I just found a ton of extras including interviews with Jamie, Elisha and more plus several exclusive clips from the movie over at iFilm. Check them all out here. Jamie does, however, quash our little gay hopes by saying outright, "This is not a gay movie." Oh well, we can always dream. Jamie also confirms my own first impressions of the film, namely its mix of "American Beauty" and "Heavenly Creatures."

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