Wednesday, May 15, 2024

She’s So Unusual(ly Awesome)

My sentimental love for Cyndi Lauper goes back, way back. She was one of my late father’s favorite pop musicians, and we bonded over our love for “Time After Time” and more. Like my dad, she was born in Brooklyn and grew up in New York (not that you could tell from their accents…kidding!) And, like my dad was, she is – what New Yorkers would call – a real character. Not to mention, she’s a well recorded Friend of the Blog (to call her a Friend of Dorothy almost seems redundant, but of course also works).

So, obviously, I couldn’t be more thrilled that she is getting the documentary treatment. I’ve watched a number of documentaries in the past year about great women from “All the Beauty and the Bloodshed” about artist Nan Goldin’s Sackler family crusade to recent docs on legends like Frida Kahlo, Julia Child and Sinead O’Connor. I can’t wait for Cyndi to take her place in the pantheon of greatness and get her flowers for being a trailblazer, rule breaker and fighter of the good fight for more than 40 years. She’s so unusually awesome.

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Carmen San Diego said...

Love her. Can’t wait for this