Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Real Ballers

As you’re no doubt well aware, I’m not much of a sportsball fan. (Except the Olympics, I’ve always loved the Olympics even though they continue to be problematic.) I attribute my dislike for sports, especially pro sports, to my dislike for most men’s sports. But, duh, there is also women’s professional sports. And I feel it’s my queer duty to begin cheering on more women’s professional teams. Thanks to my newfound reinterest in basketball (I’m from Indiana, after all, land of “Hoosiers”) I watched a few of last week’s opening games for the WNBA. And, can I just say, I feel like you all have been holding out on me on how hot these players are. Respectfully, of course. I mean it respectfully when I say they are ridiculously HOT. Don’t worry, my next step will be to check Autostraddle and Outsports to see who all the queer folx are. You know, for scientific purposes. I am also now pretty darn excited that the Bay Area will have one of the new expansion teams. As a Northern California gal, it will be the closest team to me. And you can’t beat their announcement. Valkyries? Narrated by Kehlani? Oh yeah, they know their audience.

p.s. After I tweeted about all the players’ hotness, I was rightfully rebuked for not paying attention sooner. My only excuse is I was a WNBA fan back in the day – right after they launched. I even went to a couple Sacramento Monarchs games. But then the team dissolved, and well, you gotta have someone to root for. Valkyries are cooler than Monarchs, anyway.

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Carmen San Diego said...

Such a cool team name, can’t believe they didn’t use it sooner.
Always good to see the league expanding