Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Happy (Two) Hump(s) Day

Look, I’m just a simple queer lady blogger. And when a nice pair of boobs floats my way, well, I’m not mad about it. Especially if they’re as an empowered and impressive and impeccable a set as Janelle Monae has. Indeed, the superstar has entered their Naked Era, and I’m extremely not mad about it. Yes, I know I already wrote about their super gay new music video. But, uh, then they posed for the cover of Rolling Stone. Again, I’m just a simple country blogger. So I am powerless to resist such magnificence.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

May they reign forever. Also become president? Something that is in charge because they’re brilliant. And dreamy. Sigh. Also strong dislike for the term used here and mentally replaced with BREAST. Eff the patriarchy! Great start to this day with JM. Bless