Thursday, May 25, 2023

Gender Fuck Thursday: THEE Sisters Edition

If you don’t know The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, well, you truly haven’t been blessed yet. I first found out about the group it seemed like the moment I moved to California over two decades ago. They went hand-in-hand with learning about the queer community in San Francisco, the Bay Area and this Golden State. They struck me, and still strike me, as the ultimate San Francisco charity. Flamboyant. Irreverent. Deeply important.

The non-profit raises funds for LGBTQ+ people and others in need, and has done so since its founding in 1979. The group was critical during the AIDS crisis of the 80s and 90s. They've been a leader behind Pride and other events. And, generally, these Sisters just do good works while raising awareness and looking funky fabulous. They’re part of the essential fabric of Queer California, period.

So last week when the Dodgers disinvited them from their Pride Night celebration and revoked their Community Hero Award, well, that was some bad shit. It also shows the limitations of Rainbow Capitalism. The major league team’s willingness to throw out a group it said it supported because of some minor conservative grousings (Marco Rubio, go home this isn’t Florida you dummy) is telling. Just as telling is the immediate reaction from Pride LA (which rightly pulled out of the event in solidarity with the Sisters because they know what’s up) and the inevitable backtracking by the Dodgers (who have now reinvited the Sisters). I also enjoyed the Anaheim Angels righteous trolling, but maybe that’s because I’m no Dodgers fan (Go, Giants! Or A’s! I’m happily poly when it comes to sportsball.)

The event is now back on with all parties invited and attending. But this is a reminder that the fights we thought we’d already won aren’t nearly as over as we think they are. I thought the days of conservatives clutching their pearls about men (and other queer, trans folks) with beards dressing as nuns was well behind us. But here we are, fighting the same fights. No, we’re not groomers. No, we’re not pedophiles. No, we aren’t going to sexually assault you in the bathroom. You’re thinking about men. Straight white men, in particular — you know, if we’re being statistically accurate about things. Anyway, as I was saying.

When your support doesn’t come from genuine convictions, it can easily bend and break when political winds seemingly change. But if you really believe that the Sisters and queer advocacy and charity organizations are doing good works, you honor them. And it doesn’t matter what a weasely little senator for 3,000 miles away or idiots who like to shoot up cases of Bud Light say about it. Because that’s what’s right. And amen to that, Sisters.


Anonymous said...

Somewhat related, and very ramble-y, but feels like a connection to me and is also troubling,
the ability of an individual to pull the right strings and get something shutdown -
like one parent, or teacher or “community member” whose irrational fears brings
them to a place that they won’t stop until they impose their dangerous and misguided
will on everyone. One person (not even a famous person like in this case)can get books
banned in a library. Then, It’s reported or passed around on social media
without mentioning how the books came to be banned so it seems there is broad support for
this utter crap. Kind of like you said, our place (and let’s remember WE are a pretty big collective)
at the table is tenuous and the fight to stay seated is far from over and pretty vicious.

Carmen San Diego said...

Well, at least they raised a bunch of money from this whole debacle and also got invited to be with the Dykes on Bikes leading the LA Pride parade…