Friday, September 30, 2022

My Weekend Crush

Please, everyone, light a joyful candle for Kacy (our favorite fictional federal law enforcement duo of Lucy Tara and Kate Whistler). With the slew of queer shows that have been canceled recently (also light a memorial candle for the complex, messy “Queer As Folk” reboot, which became the latest Cancel Your Gays victim), Lucy and Kate are still holding strong on “NCIS: Hawai'i.” Did I expect one of my favorite, life-affirming wlw couples on TV right now to come from a standard-issue mainstream CBS crime procedural? No. Am I thrilled they’ve made their relationship the show’s most fun and minimally complicated relationship to date? Yes. Do I want nothing but “smiles and sunshine” for these two with easily solved “problems” like, “Oh, no I haven’t told my boss I’m dating a woman, but we all already know it’ll be fine.” Yes, very much yes.
Look, I like intense, complicated, unnerving lesbian drama as much as the next queer lady. But I also like to enjoy cupcake couples who offer needed representation and unadulterated joy for its queer followers. And, so far, the series has delivered in the second season, already giving us several glimpses of their domestic bliss, oversized breakfasts and many, many kisses. Bring the smoochies, bring them, show! Why do you think “Heartstopper” is so popular with The Youths? More joy, more smiles, more sunshine.
p.s. Yes, I realize most fictional representation of law enforcement adds to the inaccurate mythologization of police and largely amount to copaganda. I can know how deeply fucked up and flawed our criminal justice system is while still rooting for a fictional TV couple to smooch.

p.p.s. Oooh, if you’ve got a thing for brunettes you’re gonna LOVE the next episode because someone goes undercover with a new hair color per these new production stills.

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