Monday, October 03, 2022

Music Monday: B.P.E. is a B.F.D.

I’m going to need to require everyone who comes here watches “Girls5Eva” on Peacock kind of immediately. The truly hilarious and zanily joyful satire of a 90s girl group attempting a comeback is as charming as it is ridiculous (in a very good way). Basically every show with major LGBTQ+ storylines has been eliminated in The Great Cancel Your Gays purge (RIP, “Queer As Folk” – you were just getting so weirdly good), so I am going to need your help to get “Girls5Eva” renewed again. The series has not yet been greenlit for a third season. Peacock has not had the greatest track record when it comes to finding audiences for its shows, but goodness does “Girls5Eva” deserve one. Like I dare “B.P.E” to not get stuck in your head (again, in a very good way). Happy Monday, kittens.


Carmen San Diego said...

Girls5Eva Was going to go on tour! It has to happen! Forth Worth deserves it!

Anonymous said...

This was great!! LOL! Dorothy will you be attending SF Lesbians Who Tech conference next week! This would be a great theme song for the after party! 😎😄