Thursday, September 29, 2022

A Real Tár & Lesbianing

Cate Blanchett as a tuxedo-wearing lesbian EGOT conductor going through a possibly career-defining mental breakdown? Yes, please — GIVE IT TO THE GAYS, YES. I really don’t know what to say other than, perhaps it’s time to find a new spot on the mantel for another shiny naked gold man, Cate. As if her status as a queer women’s icon isn’t cemented already, I expect “Tár” to add Special Preferred Platinum-Plus Lesbian Crush Object level status to her legacy. I can’t wait for this movie, to see Cate (and Portrait of a Lady on Fire’s Noémie Merlant!). But also this movie scares me a little because it seems intense and complicated and a little unnerving. Still, truly, who can’t get excited for INTENSE, COMPLICATED, UNNERVING LESBIAN FEELINGS STARRING CATE BLANCHETT IN A TUXEDO? That’s what I thought.

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Carmen San Diego said...

It could be just 2 hours of Cate Blanchett in a tuxedo and I would be happy