Thursday, September 22, 2022

Gender Fuck Thursday: ALOTO Butches

Omg, have I not stopped talking about the new “A League of Their Own” yet? Of course not. I will NEVER. So when I say the butch representation in ALOTO goes a long way toward rectifying the egrigious lack of representation in most of our more mainstream queer entertainment, I am in no way kidding. Think “The L Word,” where Shane is the group’s resident butch — but really just its andro fuckboi.

But the way the show has shown a nuanced representation of butch and trans people during the era has truly been a revelation. These are legitimately butch-presenting and masculine presenting characters that showcase the beautiful diversity in our community. Roberta Colindrez’s Lupe, Kelly McCormack’s Jess and Melanie Field’s Jo DeLuca, plus Chanté Adams’s Max and Lea Robinson’s Uncle Bert are not only wonderful, but also important. (And Rosie, oh Rosie Rosie.)

Our community contains multitudes, and butch and trans representation is a big and beautiful part of that. So it’s about time we saw them in all of their glory. And it’s not just about putting them in pants or suits or cutting their hair. It’s an attitude. And you just love to see it. You really do.


Carmen San Diego said...

This LHB loved the butch representation in ALOTO

tlsintx said...

Amen. And I'd say it's more than attitude. It's who they are. Nothing more attractive than people knowing who they are and being authentically that.