Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Be Gay, Do Revenge

Netflix giveth and, all too unfortunately, taketh away. Today they giveth. Obviously, I am going to watch “Do Revenge.” The new Netflix movie starring Stranger Things’s resident lesbian Maya Hawke and “Riverdale’s resident Veronica Camila Mendes comes out next month. But the full trailer is here now.

The dark comedy follows two high school students as they team up to, well, do revenge against the bullies who have wronged them. For Maya’s character Eleanor (yes, really Eleanor), it was being outed to the school. For Camila’s character Drea, it was the leaking of a sex tape.

Think of it as a “Strangers on a Train” scenario mixed with “Jawbreakers” and “Mean Girls” — but with sapphic undertones. Or is it overtones? Well, it’s whatever these pictures are.

So, yeah. Anyway, I’m going to watch this. And I’m going to keep watching the queer-led and female-led and POC-led content out there in the hopes that studios realize telling diverse stories isn’t just good for optics, it’s good for business.


Panty Buns said...

I love whatever those pictures are! My fingers are crossed hoping for more!!!!!!
P.S.: I noticed that there is a split second of an Eleanor and Drea kiss somewhere
between second numner 2:00+ and the very start of second number 2:01 of the official trailer video.
Much more, please!!!

Carmen San Diego said...

All very nice but high school again? can we get some shows centered on adult lesbians please?