Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Take a Chair

I don’t even care that Sandra Oh’s starring role in her new Netflix series seems aggressively (like, #metoo aggressively and everything) straight. I just care that it’s another showcase for her unendingly expressive face, and her equally unending talent. Plus, I like her with those bouncy curls for this role. They really work. Speaking of work, that’s two series in a row now that have starred Sandra. Not just the-best-friend-but-definitely-still-supporting-cast Sandra like so many of her other projects. “Killing Eve” has been a glorious fulfillment of abilities. I will not say potential, because she could always do this – it’s just that no one gave her the chance to shine quite this brightly before because, well, we all know the reasons because (cough, racism, sexism, racism, cough).

Anyway, her show seems topical and while it also seems aggressively straight hopefully its tightly strung zany energy results in some very fine comedy. And Amnada Peet is its creator, writer, showrunner and executive producer. Yes, that Amanda Peet.

Also, I saw you Holland Taylor. I hope Holland brought Sarah to the set and Sarah and Sandra got to meet and become BFFs and star in highest-grossing female buddy dramedy road trip movie of all time. And, as long as we’re shooting our shots here, make it gay. Boom, free idea, Hollywood. Wait, even better! I jus remembered Amanda and Sarah are like longtime BFFS already, so obvi, she was on set to see her BFF and her lady. So she’s already met Sandra. And that movie is a go. I love it when a plan comes together.

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Carmen San Diego said...

If it has Sandra Oh I’m in