Thursday, April 30, 2020

Leslie Knope 2020

Damn, do we all need some Leslie Knope in our lives now or what? And the good news (no really, there is still good news) is that we’re about to get her. The fine people behind – and in front – of the camera at “Parks & Recreation” have reunited – well, apart, because self-isolation and social distancing – to make a Very Special Episode of “Parks & Rec” airing tonight on NBC. The Zoom-ified episode will feature all of the cast in their roles as the good and not-so-good citizens of Pawnee, Indiana. I love that Leslie is obviously leading the Department of Interior and Ben Wyatt has self-quarantine hair – and also appears to be a congressman from Indiana. And Ron, well, Ron was practicing social distancing before social distancing was cool, obviously.

Dip, I sure miss this boisterous, big-hearted show. I actually feel more than a little pang of melancholy when I rewatch old episodes. The optimism of it all. The unbridled and unapologetic belief that government, for all its ridiculous ridiculousness, could and should do great things for us, the people? That’s what is missing in America today, more than ever, with this “president” and these politics. Help us, Leslie Knope. You’re our only hope.

ETA: The whole show was uploaded by NBC afterward, so please enjoy above as long as they have it up. (The preview clip links no longer work, alas. But, goodness, is this whole thing worth a watch.)


Carmen San Diego said...

I miss having Amy Poehler regularly on my TV
This is gonna be great

Anonymous said...

It was such a good episode! It made me want to rewatch the show all over again just to forget for awhile all the shit going on in the world right now:)