Friday, April 10, 2020

My Weekend (Killer) Crush

So, technically this is not a post about cats. But it is a post about one of the most epic and epically unpredictable cat-and-mouse psychological dramas ever to grace our teevee screens. With the third season of “Killing Eve” set to premiere on Sunday, it’s nice to know that even in these terrible times we can rely on the important things. Like that watching a psychopathic assassin with impeccable taste in clothing and the object of her mutual obsession and possibly mutual affection chase one another remains wildly entertaining. Having seen the first four episodes of the new season I can definitely confirm the “wild” part. This season is BANANAS, y’all. Like, seriously, bananas.

I hadn’t planned to watch all the screeners - because to be honest I like to be surprised and watch it in real-time with everyone. But we’re in a fucking global pandemic and there’s no time like the present. So, yeah, I watched ‘em all. And can I just say, MORE PLEASE.

So what happens? So much. Where to start? Well, did I mention the season pretty much kicks off with a gay wedding? Oh, yeah, it’s like that.

The show continues to push and tease (and some might say bait) its queer sensibilities, in perhaps some of its most overt way yet. But, let me be frank, it is also pretty brutal. This season is lethal, and you should prepare yourself for that.

Everyone’s life is kind of unhinged. And in a way that feels right given our current worldwide shitshow. And, just like with “Tiger King,” any kind of entertaining moving disaster that has nothing to do with viruses killing scores of people needlessly and governmental incompetence is a welcome respite these days.

So buckle in, kittens. It’s going to be a BANANAS ride. Happy safe and healthy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I’m so glad that this is coming out early
Have a good Good Friday and a great weekend DS

Panty Buns said...

Yikes! This looks very exciting and entertaining with a lot of potential!
I love watching Sandra Oh.