Thursday, April 23, 2020

My So-Called Reunion

Gosh, this sure made my heart feel good amid all the awfulness. This strange separation that we all find ourselves in together has made us crave connection like never before. And it’s made us reach out in new ways to old acquaintances. I know I’ve had more Zoom cocktail hours with my friends over these last few weeks than we probably would have ever had real cocktail hours together. It’s even made the cast of the best one-season show in the history of television reunite after 26 years. Most of the stars of “My So-Called Life” (well, the best ones, anyway – ahem) reunited last week for a Zoom catch-up. Wilson Cruz (a.k.a. Rickie Vasquez a.k.a. the best gay male teen character in the history of television – yes, I am making a lot of grand proclamations – it’s a pandemic if not now when?) shared a photo of the historic and heartwarming event.

Present were (clockwise from top left): Wilson Cruz (Rickiiiiiie!), Bess Armstrong (Angela's entirely relatable and very human mom, Patty), Devon Odessa (Angela's former bestie, Sharon), Mary Kay Place (Sharon's mom, Camille), Claire Danes (Angela Chase herself), AJ “I Am Legit a Countess Now” Langer (Angela’s new bestie, Rayanne Graff who I have absolutely no doubt would have come out as bisexual or poly or at very least sexually fluid in later seasons), Devon “Lisa the Lesbian Man” Gummersall (the guy Angela probably should have had a crush on instead, Brian Krakow), Tom Irwin (Angela’s cheaty yet also still relatable but in a different way dad, Graham), and in the center creator Winnie Holzman and her husband Paul “I Had No Idea You Were Married to Winnie Holzman” Dooley (Angela’s adorably tax evading grandpa, Chuck).

The only major missing pieces were Angela’s little sister, Danielle (played by Lisa Wilhoit) and Jordan “He Leans Great” Catalano (played by Jared Leto…no comment on Jared Leto – ahem). And, of course, Cousin Tino was a no show.

Yeah, so, not everything is bad. Some things are so beautiful, it hurts to look at them.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Awww I’m so nostalgic for this show now
And yes about Rickie
Rickie Vasquez IS the best gay male teen character in the history of television. And if he isn’t then he only loses to Justin from Ugly Betty because Justin was loved and accepted by his family

Karen said...

Never seen it, Wonder if it is on in syndication ?