Thursday, April 16, 2020

Here Kittens, Kittens

Hey there cats and kittens! Look, I was calling you all kittens way before Carole Baskin. For all of you out there who have been self-medicating with an endless stream of true-crime related reality shows – hoo-boy, is “Tiger King” the true king of the crazies. Wait, you haven’t watched the Netflix series that scores have turned to as a pandemic shitshow distraction? Well, what can I say? It has a gay redneck thrupple, so many mullets, expired Walmart meat pizza, murder, mayhem, so many guns, bad dental hygiene, sex cults, personality cults, the person Scarface was based on (who somehow is the most “normal” person in the series), a one-armed trans man, unexpectedly successful political campaigns…and we haven’t even gotten to the tigers yet.

In short, it’s crazy ass ride. And if I didn’t feel so badly for all the exotic animals – the lions, the tigers, the bears and oh my all the rest – then would call it perfect. As is it’s a wildly entertaining yet ultimately pretty grim look at a subset of humanity that appears hell-bent on owning things that should never be owned.

The other good news is Kate McKinnon (yes, twice in one week with the Kate – it’s my pandemic blog and I can blog what I want to) has signed on to a dramatic series about the world of Joe Exotic et al. She is executive producing the limited series. Having seen the real-life people in “Tiger King” it seems almost impossible to come up with anything weirder than what we’ve already seen. But I’d happily watch Kate try to prove the fiction can be stranger than truth – or at very least more entertaining.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I was reading in the Aussie press over here on the other side of the world pandemic that people connected to the show wanted Margot Robbie to play Joe Exotic, but Joe himself would like to see Brad Pitt (or David Spade AKA Joe Dirt) play him.
True story .. well as far as mainstream media go anyway.
Talk about 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' redux.
Maybe they could give Leo DiCaprio a cameo as a lion (or tiger) to keep the Hollywood thrupple together?

Carmen SanDiego said...

Yeah you do you but I’m going to sit the tiger king out...