Friday, April 17, 2020

My Weekend (Age-Appropriate Kind of) Crush


5:53a thirst trap.

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I feel an odd combination of pride and paternal prudishness about this news. Auli’i Cravalho, the actress and singer who voiced Moana in the eponymously named 2016 Disney movie, has come out as bisexual. Of course, obvious yay for more out and proud celebrities, more diverse LGBTQ representation in the media, and more people no matter who they are living their lives openly and honestly. On the prudey side I can’t believe the young actress who played the preteen star of the movie I put on TV nearly every night on a sleep timer right now to help me fall asleep is 19 years old and also really frank about her sexuality. But that’s a me and not wanting to be an old, lecherous creeper thing with the "Weekend Crush" thing, I think. Also, yes, apparently it’s a thing to come out now on TikTok (yes, I know it TikTok has issues – essentially all big tech has issues we compromise with for easy access on a daily basis). This is a long way of saying, welcome, Auli’i. Your toaster oven is in the mail. No need to say you're welcome. (Get it?) Happy safe and healthy weekend, kittens.


Carmen SanDiego said...

“ No need to say you're welcome.” I snorted
Yay for Aulii
Have a great weekend DS

Anonymous said...

Well, will we only see her with women? Because coming out as Bisexual seems to be the safest way
to be gay, without sacrificing your male fandom.

Every lesian performer comes out as Bisexual *Amandla Stenberg came oput as Queer and so did Janelle Monet) , But very few admit to being homosexual and this is why people say bisexuality ins/t a real thimg.

Anonymous said...

excuse the typos

Gus said...

I can honestly say that I hope all, every single woman, on the face of this evil fucking planet turns gay. We, as a species, need to end.

Thank you.

Karen said...

I hate the word "queer" as it implies an oddity. In the 1960s it was a derogatory slur.
How it managed to come back into fashion is mind boggling and I refuse to use it. I wish entertainers would also stop identifying as such and check history.