Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Seize the Dex

I really, really dig “Stumptown.” Most of why I really, really dig “Stumptown” has to do with how much I really, really dig Cobie Smulders as hard-boiled bisexual private detective with a secret heart of (damaged) gold Dex Parios.

It’s a fun little modern noir-lite procedural with just enough of an earnest side to make it hit home. And Cobie brings her signature unassuming swagger to the role. She’s entirely believable as a continually down on her luck, quietly dealing with PTSD, stubbornly ethical, ex-military intelligence badass with a hidden tender heart who happens to kiss (and have sex with) guys and gals.

My only criticisms of the show have to do with it still finding its footing on full representation. My first complaint is that for a series with a strong female star, it only has a small handful (like, seriously, two) other female character – who it should be noted are only recurring characters – with whom her character can regularly interact. All of the rest of the series regulars are men. So that’s a bit of a series regulars Bechdel Test fail.

My other complaint is that while they have had no problems representing Dex’s sexuality – showing her being attracted to and having sexual relationships with both men and women – they have had a problem representing those kinds of relationships equally. Alas, so far all of Dex’s sexytimes* with ladies have been one-offs. They’re the literal and figurative equivalent of one-night stands. Her character to this point has reserved her long-term onscreen relationships to men, exclusively.

But as I said from the start, I still I really dig “Stumptown.” And I really, really dig Cobie. But, as in life, nothing is above improvement.

p.s. One of the reasons I dig the show so much is that Dex’s sexytimes with the unfortunate assassin from a few weeks ago was among some of the better ladies flirting with other ladies on the small screen sexytimes scenes I’ve ever seen. No lie. I rewound it a, uh, couple times. Is it weird to hope that a cold-blooded killer returns sometime soon?

p.s. Yeah, I know you wanna watch after that. It airs Wednesdays on ABC or, you know, whenever on Hulu.


Waffles said...

Have you tried watching Dare Me on USA/HULU? It's super queer and despite my not being a cheerleader or even an athlete, it has some resonance for my queer feelings for my teachers as a high schooler.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I keep forgetting about that show even though I love Cobue S
Thank you for reminding me

Anonymous said...

I find the stories a bit uneven, but I can't stop watching. I love Cobie!!

AK said...

I do watch Stumptown for all your listed reasons. Colbie has made that part her own.
I even enjoyed her in early L word (OG) as one of the artists B worked with.
Go Colbie!

Anonymous said...

One could argue though that the only real emotional connection she had had with someone besides the dead ex was with the assassin

Anonymous said...

It is surprisingly good. If she wasn't bisexual I probably wouldn't watch it.