Thursday, March 26, 2020

Giving Me Vida

It seems strange to be looking forward to things right now. Like, when so much more suffering and stress is coming for so many people, it doesn’t feel right to be excited about a TV show. But I do feel happy to see “Vida” coming back for it’s third – and as recently revealed – final season. It’s a comfort to know we’ll be able to bid a full goodbye to the Hernandez sisters – Emma and Lyn – and the people who make up the heart of Vida, their late mother and the bar she left behind. This rich, inclusive Latinx drama strikes at the heart of what makes families so strong and yet so fragile, while never sidestepping thorny cultural and social justice issues. Plus, this season looks to have a lot of glitter and sparkles. And, well, the world could use some glitter and sparkles right now. Now we just need to all make it a month to April 26. Stay in, kittens.

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Carmen SanDiego said...

I watched the first season but Never really got into it. And even though I’m fluent in both languages the Spanglish annoyed me to no end.
But now that I have so much time maybe I’ll watch season 2