Thursday, February 13, 2020

GGALGG: See Sarah Flirt

You may have noticed in yesterday’s (very very belated; sorry about that) post, there was no mention of the one and only Sarah Paulson. But, don’t worry, while Ms. Paulson and her Lover Holland (looking very American Lesbian Gothic, I might add) did not attend the ceremonies, they certainly made it out on the town that night. And they certainly made a splash at the Vanity Fair party. Or should I say Sarah made a splash while flirted with basically everyone. But, you know, in a fun way and not a threatening to her relationship with Holland Taylor way. So, as the youths of today would say, here are all the receipts of Sarah’s Oscar flirts.

Sarah & Holland

Duh, of course she’s gonna flirt with her lady.

Sarah & Elizabeth Banks

Bosley is clearly smitten and wants to sign Sarah up for the Angels.

Sarah & Whitney Cummings

Part flirting, part checking each other’s teeth for lettuce.

Sarah & Joan Collins

Is it weird I want Joan to throw Sarah into a pool? Like have I found my kink?

Sarah & Amanda Peet

Please, like lesbians and their straight BFFs don't flirt sometimes.

Sarah & Judith Light

Watching these two flirt counts as a religious experience – in the gay community.

Sarah & Judith & Katie Couric

That Sarah, always looking to add a third.

Sarah & Kathryn Hahn

How have they never worked/flirted together before?

Sarah & Kathryn & Janet Mock

See what I was saying about the third?

Sarah & Joni Mitchell

Shoot your shot, Sarah Paulson, shoot your shot.


AK said...

LUV these last 2 days of pix/pith. Thx Dorothy, luv ya babe!

Helena said...

Thank you for two days of blissful photos.