Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Kate Pride

I won’t lie, this isn’t the funniest “Billy on the Street” ever. Pretending Kate McKinnon is Reese Witherspoon? That’s a waste of both Kate McKinnon and Reese Witherspoon. And Reese wasn’t even there. Alas, it is still Kate McKinnon. I am but one lesbian woman, I cannot resist. It is Pride Month, after all. Honor our icons and such. And, unquestionably, the best part about this clip is the Obvious Lesbian who immediately 100-foots Kate McKinnon and says as much to Billy. May we all be Obvious Lesbian Acknowledging Kate McKinnon some day.


AnnieStinkle said...

Too bad DNL is on hiatus, I would have loved to see a McKinnon/Bryant take on Gentleman Jack.

AnniStinkle said...

*SNL, dangit.