Thursday, June 14, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Gelfling Edition

Watching this video is a journey. First, we travel to welcome nostalgia for one of the absolute best Jim Henson movie ever. The shape of the Skeksis remains an instant classic in the annals of nightmare fuel. Then, it takes us to outright giddiness. Wait, this isn’t just a behind-the-scenes special about the old movie, this is a whole new series? And while there may be nothing outright gay about “The Dark Crystal,” I always felt like Gelflings were sexually fluid – well at least the girls. They’ve got fairy wings, after all.


AnnieStinkle said...

So is this show a behind-the-scenes making-of? Sounds cool. Also, if you like Jim Henson and/or the Muppets, the Skirball Center in L.A. has an exhibit on them right now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am so excited for this show! I thought it was a behind the scenes at first too then when I realized it was a whole new show my inner child giggled with glee:) Also my childhood movies from the 80s are WAY darker than today's kid movies!

Danielle warby said...

I am BEYOND excited about this. The Dark Crystal is my favourite movie of all time. I can quote the whole thing from start to finish. I'm pretty sure it's my root (along with Candleshoe)... "Of course not, you're a boy".