Thursday, June 21, 2018

Last Dance

I don’t play videogames, unless you count the little procrastination enabling apps on my phone. Now, I have nothing against videogames or gamers or videos or any combination of the terms (GamerGaters, though, are another matter entirely). To be honest mostly I lack the hand-eye coordination, time and patience to play videogames. But, I do appreciate videogames and gamers – particularly lady gamers because, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m all about the ladies.

Now, videogames that let you play as queer characters aren’t necessarily new. Game franchises like “Final Fantasy” and “Mass Effect” and “Fallout” have all allowed for same-sex romances and relationships. And the more recent “Life Is Strange” series is essentially just lesbian feelings games.

But the unveiling of the “Last of Us II” trailer this week at E3 2018 presentation was something different. This isn’t a small indie label, this is freaking Sony. And it wasn’t hinted or alluded or whispered that shit was gonna get gay. It was one of the main selling point. Well, that and all the brutal hand-to-hand combat. But seriously, how wonderful. A videogame predicated (or at least sold) based on a same-sex relationship between two young women. Post-apocalyptic romance for the masses! And machetes!

What makes this even better is they used real actresses to capture the motion of Ellie and Dina. And what actresses they used. None other than Shannon Woodward (of “Raising Hope” and “Westworld” fame) played Dina and Ashley Johnson (from “the Avengers” and “Blindspot” and “The Killing”) played Ellie.

Is this what all videogame development is like? Ladies in motion-capture suits slow dancing and making out? Because if so I am clearly in the wrong field.

Still, even if you are not sold on the game itself, the kiss is worth a watch (and rewatch and rewatch some more). Luckily someone was kind enough to cut the trailer to be just a nice, lovely kiss (without the knives to the jugular) in between.


Karen said...

I guess I'm "old". Have not played a video game since my family owned a Commodore 64 computer. Don't understand the concept of why these things are so popular. Does anyone recall the era of "Game rooms" at the local mall. Mom and Dad would drop off us kids in a smoke filled dark cave for an hour while they shopped. No one thought anything of it. How times have changed.

Anonymous said...

I'm a console gamer so I won't be able to play that but hey, more gay ladies in games equals YES!! I'm already signed up to play the Fallout 76 BETA and I have loved being able to be gay in that franchise or have other gay characters introduced.

Anonymous said...

I am an avid gamer and fan of this game series. The first set a gold standard in character driven narrative as well as engaging survival-horror gameplay. If you enjoy this, you should check out the cinematic scenes for the first game's DLC: The Last of Us - Left Behind (released in 2014). It is entirely focused on Ellie and her relationship with her best friend (Spoilers it confirms Ellie's sexuality before this game). It is well worth a watch even if the genre of video games is not up your alley. Also the newest Assassin's Creed allows you to play as both a male and female character and does not limit your love interests based on your chosen gender, meaning you can be as gay as you would like.

Anonymous said...

I also would not classify Life is Strange as a lesbian feelings game, although some of that can be implied depending on the choices you make in the game. It was one of the most engaging, disturbing and dark stories I have ever played. I needed an emotional break between episodes 4 and 5 and dark is normally right up my alley. It did a lot for a game that was basically a walking simulator/interactive story. S.

Osiris said...

So glad Donald Trump is not separating famililies anymore at the border !! Looks like he caved in due to pressure. The grass roots movement is workimg everyone in America! Keep it up !

Carmen SanDiego said...

I’m an Xbox gal but this makes me want to buy a PlayStation