Friday, June 22, 2018

My Weekend Crush

Comedy is hard. Comedy is really, really hard. Comedy that says something important in addition to being funny? There aren’t enough reallys to express how hard that is. But, guess what, Cameron Esposito has done it. Her new special “Rape Jokes” has an intentionally provocative name because we live in intentionally provocative times. But more than that it is about asserting one’s agency, particularly as a sexual assault survivor, and addressing our pervasive rape culture.

Cameron wrote and produced the special herself, without a network or a label behind her. Even better yet, proceeds benefit RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence advocacy group. Released just last week she has already raised $35,000 for RAINN and counting. You can stream it for free or better yet buy it to download at

What makes “Rape Jokes” extraordinary is 1) It’s funny, really damn funny, and 2) It has something more to say than just being funny. You know, that thing I mentioned before that takes an infinite number of “reallys” to make happen because of its degree of difficulty? Yeah, she did that. She talks about Big Picture things from a place of great humor and deep understanding and personal experience – sexual assault, the patriarchy, queer identity, and more. She uses her platform to do more than just make us laugh, she wants us to think.

I have been lucky enough to see Cameron and her equally hilarious and talented wife Rhea Butcher live twice. And both times were excellent, wonderful and highly recommendable. But more than that, it felt great leaving the theater each time because in addition to laugh, we thought. We thought about what they had said, through the laughter. Really thought about it. And, you know what, it feels good to think. And it feels good to reflect. Because it always feels good to care about something other than yourself.

So I can’t think of a better Weekend Crush as I head into Pride Weekend here. Be loud, be proud, be thoughtful, be funny. Care about other people and the world around you. And have a happy Pride Weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Also highly recommendable is Hannah Gadsbys "Nannette" (it's on Netflix) - incredibly funny and terrificly thought provoking - topics range from coming out, "lesbian content", #me too, gay pride to internalized homophobia in LGBT people. It ended in a way that had me get up from the soda to applause the damn TV!
Pls watch it guys - it's worth it!.

Helena said...

Have a good pride weekend Dorothy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I loved her new special, I always love that she uses her platform to discuss real issues. And her and Rhea are fucking hilarious.