Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"Ocean's 8" Lesbian Movie Review

Yes, kittens, “Ocean’s 8” is a lesbian movie – in its heart where it counts. OK, fine, technically it’s a lesbian-in-spirit movie on screen. But, come on, Cate Blanchett is called “Lou” and slinks around in a series of increasingly amazing suits and then rides off into the sunset on a motorcycle – quite literally. So, Harold, that’s pretty lesbian.

But really, what “Ocean’s 8” is is a reminder that the world needs to be shown more women together, period. In fact, if you put a group of smart, talented, charismatic women together and give them something to do other than pine for a man, the result is basically magic.

Look, Hollywood has been doing this for decades with men. Men at work. Men at war. Men in prison. Men in space. Men stealing shit. Men buying shit. Men, men, men. We get it, my dudes. You do things.

But, here’s a revolutionary realization, so do women. Women also work, go to war, go to prison, go to space, steal shit, buy shit. Women, women, women. And, guess what, they’re good at it, too. And it’s interesting, and different, than just watching a bunch of dudes do the exact same thing.

Take your “Killing Eve” or your “Orange Is the New Black” or your “Hidden Figures” or any other entertainment that trusts women to tell their own stories, to be their own stars. There is something deliciously alive and fresh about the chemistry between these casts. Why? Because for so damn long we haven’t been shown women as much more than the love interest, side kick, token female.

But guess what, we contain multitudes upon our multitudes.

“Ocean’s 8” is unabashedly fun and unquestionably clever. It’s also unashamed of its femininity. Now by femininity I don’t mean it’s “Ocean’s 11” with a cheap pink makeover. This isn’t that “Made Just For Women!” crap they try to sell us like pens and razors. This is fundamentally female in a way that celebrates women’s abilities and differences. And, at the same time, should be universally interesting because, duh, women are interesting.

All of the women are wonderful – Cate, Sandra, Anne, Sarah, Rihanna, Mindy, Awkwafina, Mindy. I would happily watch them read all of updated privacy policies I have steadfastly ignored over my lifetime out loud. And then I would ask them to read them again, but more slowly.

In short, I will happily watch “Ocean’s 8” again – and again, and again. Will I make Lou and Debbie kiss in my head each time? Of course. But then, everyone else is, too. Because, as I said, “Ocean’s 8” is totally a lesbian movie. It just doesn’t know it yet. But, luckily, we do.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Lou is gay. Good.
That being said, I liked the movie but I didn’t love it and I wanted to love it.
I think theywere just too good, everything was so easy for them. Even when difficulties arose they solved it quick and easy without breaking a sweat, like in the case of the magnet and also the scanning of the necklace. I wish they had to work a little harder. Maybe if there was a villain, there wasn’t an antagonist, really. That ex boyfriend doesn’t really qualify…
But I liked that it was all about the ladies and no one was fighting over a man or anything.

Adam said...

Clearly the post-modernist "Cultural Marxism" movement has succeeded and it is indeed a sad day.
Now, more than ever we need the feminine humans to take over as the patricarchal experiment has failed, and we have known this for awhile. We are a society in decay that need the sacred feminine to arise and help heal, and lead. Unfortunately it seems you and most like you, so called "feminists", have been duped and you are actually working against the ascendency of the sacred feminine in favor of some fantasy and illogical idea of there being no such thing as gender. Feminism is a clever ploy to actually misdirect. Stop trying to be equal to something you cannot possibly be equal to in regards to biology and science and instead use your bravery, wisdom, Compassion, and power to call out the bullshit ( endless wars, drone murders, etc.,) and replace the oligarchical overlords ( not all are men mind you, but I would say most) with women who aren't sycophantic corporate puppets, or who cackle at the mention of people being murdered, and represent the American people.

Nici75 said...

Hey Adam-- The future's female, and in case you missed it, we're pissed off. Don't piss us off even more, man-child.

PS: You're trespassing. Bugger off.

Osiris said...

Good lord Adam and Nick you two are funny. Its a movie. Enjoy it for what it is - 2 hours of escape from reality.