Tuesday, May 23, 2017

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Oh, baby, do you know a mash up “Orange Is the New Black” and the “Black Mirror” “San Junipero” episode is worth? A lot, actually. And while I wouldn’t necessarily call it heaven, it is rather delightful. I love it when two great things lesbians love come together. Yet still, we’re left with that bittersweet longing. The joy/sorrow of seeing Poussey again. The joy/sorrow of reliving Poussey and Taystee’s friendship. The joy/sorrow of their relationship not being the same kind of the women of San Junipero. Well, at least for this dream I guess I’ll hold on to the joy part, and let the sorrow fade into the night.

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Carmen SanDiego said...

I watched the leaked episodes of orange is the new black and I really wasn't that fond of the season