Friday, May 26, 2017

My Weekend Crush

You guys, I feel like I’ve been sleeping on Sara Ramirez of late. Since the demise of Calzona and Callie’s subsequent exit, I just lost track. Sure, I knew she come out as bi. And, sure, I knew she started sporting an alternative lifestyle haircut. But I think I did not appreciate how truly, truly gay she has been lately. Like, hello. This is some “so gay” level gay. Like, damn, that is some butch hotness.

And to make everything just that much more delightful she appears in the new video for out queer recording star Mary Lambert (of “She Keeps Me Warm”/”Same Love” fame). But not only is “Know Your Name” a fun, poppy summer jam, it also features a wonderfully diverse group of women as nerdy gamers/actions heroes. And, best of all, it is a lady singing about her crush on another lady.

Come on now. I mean what more could you possibly want from a single song? Hot queer ladies! Video games! Sara Ramirez being a chick magnet! And, it has a beat and you can dance to it. Happy swoony weekend, all.

p.s. I hope I have conveyed how wondrously gay this video truly is. Because, yeah, it is that gay.

p.s.s. Point of order, you can absolutely be a “gay” woman and married to a man. It is in Sara’s case called being bisexual, which is what she has stated publicly as her sexual orientation. Being in a relationship with a man does not negate her queerness, nor would being in a relationship with a woman negate her attraction to men. I use “gay” here as an umbrella term, of course, to describe queer women on a spectrum from lesbian to bi to pan to omni - however one identifies that is not 100 percent straight. Period. All are welcome, all are so gay.


Helena said...

Not a good dancer , but this song will make me try :) Have a great weekend Dorothy.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Come back to Grey's Anatomy, Sara! And bring that haircut with you
Have a great long weekend DS

happykt said...

She's married to a man therefore she isn't really that 'gay.'

TheWeyrd1 said...

Well that was fun! And happykt...apparently you don't understand the concept of "gay" and "queer" as umbrella terms for NOT 100% straight/heterosexual. That is sad for you.