Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Could Have Been

Just a reminder, it didn’t have to be like this. It didn’t have to be this constant, overwhelming feeling of dread, hopelessness, incredulity and rage. We could have elected Hillary Clinton president instead. But, you know, her emails, blah blah, Wall Street, blah blah, her voice, blan blah, her smile, blah blah, her lack of smile, blah blah, her being a woman. So here we are. Here we fucking are. Hey, America, how about next time you just hire the smart, hard-working, infinitely qualified (and, yes, flawed because no one can ever describe Hillary - or any woman for that matter - without having to add the word "flawed") woman instead.


Helena said...

Oh Dorothy , now I'm crying. How did 8 November happen ?:(

Julie said...

So true... But now there are more kick-a-- women out there. Where is your paean to Sally Yates? She who kicked some serious butt this week?

Can't help but wonder how much wine Hillary has had since she heard Comey was fired.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I'll never get over this election
And we stilll have at least 3 1/2 years to go

Meredith said...

Women aren't allowed to be flawed in our society. We forgive men for any number of indiscretions and missteps. Women must be perfect. We are not allowed to be human. Until this double standard ceases to exist, we will exist in a rotten society.

Karen said...

Hillary dug her own grave when she ride on Obamas acconplishments rather than outlining her own agenda. This election Americans wanted change, they wanted an outsider to shake up our broken system.

Nici75 said...

Hey Karen, guess you never read anything on this site:
And you especially didn't read this bit:

And neither did anyone else who was and still is blindly anti-Hillary.

Sad! And so goddamn stupid, to boot. Congratulations on those two *sterling* accomplishments.