Friday, May 13, 2016

My Weekend Crush

First things first, let’s all go out and buy an axe. It’s both essential tool in any pending apocalypse and, until then, great to grind while fighting the patriarchy. Fetch me my axe, I’ve got some grinding to do. But, of course, not about this trailer. Our first look at the new Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood film “Into the Forest” does not disappoint. The pair play sisters who must survive after the power grid goes down and humanity goes a little mad in what appears to be the not too distant future. The film was written and directed by out filmmaker Patricia Rozema (of “When Night is Falling,” “I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing” and “Mansfield Park” fame) based on the novel by Jean Hegland. I cannot overstate the awesomeness of a film by and starring three out queer women. Granted, I don’t think anything particularly gay happens in the move (they’re sisters, people, please). But still, it’s pretty great. And, yes, definitely makes me want to invest in an axe. Happy weekend, all.


Waffles said...

Oh yeah, gay stuff happens. It's the apocalypse, after all!

Carmen San Diego said...

Personally I think a machete is more aerodynamic so that would be my choice
But Ellen Page and ERW in the same movie is not to be missed
Have a great weekend DS