Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Foster Care

Yes, yes, I know we just talked about Jodie. But, truth be told, I have always – since well before she became my very first Weekend Crush – been a fan of Ms. Foster. Her talent both in front and behind the camera only equaled by the continual intelligence she radiates. This is a very smart woman, and a very private woman – which some might say is part of what makes her very smart. She only relents on the private part every few years when promoting a movie. And then once again we get to feast on a glut of appearances (like getting that star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame dealie), interviews (like here, here and here) and TV stops (like all these) before she retreats again into her signature brand of assured yet more silent celebrity.

Yet the journey of watching Jodie become who she is today – from those days when we thought she might never come out, to her dipping a toe into the waters, to finally that Golden moment and even getting married – have been quite something to watch.

I mean, she even made a real, live lesbian joke in her Buzzfeed interview. Did you catch it? It was when she was talking about directing on “Orange Is the New Black.”

And did Foster think it was funny that she — of all people — was directing an episode called “Lesbian Request Denied”?

“It was fantastic,” Foster said. “I laughed. It was almost as good as making a movie called The Beaver.“
Also quite something to watch? Jodie succumbing to the silliness of stardom while promoting her new movie “Money Monster.” Yes, even the great Jodie Foster wear egg and cheese on her head sometimes. Enjoy it while you can.

p.s. Also kudos for Jodie calling out the terribly overused “she was raped, that’s why” plot device from too many male writers.


Laura said...

I loved 'The Beaver' it's a very underrated film, it's a wee bit too long but brilliant non the less.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Gotta love her, so damn talented