Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Back to Black

In case you missed yesterday’s Lesbian Bat Signal, the trailer for “Orange Is the New Black” season 4 is officially out. It signals some dark – and tearful – times ahead at Litchfield. There’s also precious little evidence – though there is one precious moment – of gay lady happiness in the new preview. Now lots of people complained that last season lacked narrative drive. But I rather enjoyed the third season because it gave me a window into these diverse and fascinating women’s lives while not annoying me with an artificial Big Bad storyline. (cough, RIP Vee, cough) From the trailer, Big Corporate Prison will once again be our main antagonist. We’ll see how it goes.

Some other random and not-so random thoughts on the trailer.

1. So much cry. Don’t be cry, ladies.

2. Sophia is still in SHU. Dammit, get Sophia out of SHU.

3. Sieg heil much, Piper? Because as much as I’d like those shaved heads to be a sign of potential lesbianism, those tattoos are more like “I’m voting for Donald Trump.”

4. Poussey and Soso 4EVA.

Other observations? I’m kind of thrilled Big Boo and Pennsatucky are still BFFs. Blair Brown’s Judy King/Martha Stewart could be interesting. Less interesting? But seriously, where is Nicky? And don’t worry, Alex, I heard you there at 0:55. And I can definitely keep a secret – at least until June 17.

p.s. In case you let your Netflix subscription lapse, or want to own a little bit of Ruby Rose, Season 3 is out on DVD May 17. I highly recommend it.


Carmen SanDiego said...

You guys I'm worried about Maritza, she's driving the van with the rapist now.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, where is Nicky?? I really missed that character's voice once she was transferred to Max.