Thursday, August 06, 2015

Things That Make You Go Squeee

New trailer! New trailer! NEW TRAILER! Yes, I realize we’re going to start getting a lot more of these as Sept. 6 steamrolls our way. But while they still feel fresh and new here is what I have to say about this one.

1) I’ll never be tired of seeing Kenzi again. Mark, not so much.

2) Hey, look, Tamsin is alive. And so is Linda Hamilton/Acacia.

3) Each time I see him he adds such a weird, yet also welcome B-movie vibe. I can’t explain it, really.

4) *unintelligible squealing sounds*

Some thoughts? That is, if you can do more than squeal.


no-one said...

Yesterday I accidentally told someone that Bo's dad was played by Bruce Campbell, and after I corrected myself to them, I spent the rest of the day wishing it were true.

Kaz said...

In the Bo and Lauren chi sucking scene ... BOTH Bo and Lauren's eyes turn blue. This has never happened before when Bo feed. Only Bo's eyes turn blue. So what does this mean ?? Has Lauren gone Fea ? Is Lauren a succubus now too ??

OH MY .... the wonderful possibilities. I think the scene looks like they are SUPER CHARING each other. DAMN !!!!!

And thank the gods ... Lost Girl is FINALLY giving us a Doccubus shower scene.

Anonymous said...

Nailed it. :)

Louise said...

Whaaaaaat? Bo and Shane are step-sisters? Now the whole show makes sense ...

Anna said...

When I first saw Lost Girl it was already in the middle of the third season. I watched all three seasons in a few weeks and it literally changed my life and the way I viewed my own sexuality. I watched it again, and then again. I don't think there ever was a show that made me feel like Lost Girl did. So I'm very sad to say that the last two seasons did very little for me. I'm not sure why. I think they got a little too deep into the mythology for me. But no matter what, this show will always hold a special place in my heart.