Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pertinent to My Interest

Where my “Person of Interest: peoples at? Yesterday the Root/Shaw fandom did a figurative flip (maybe literal, depending on your level of bendiness) at news that Sarah Shahi would be back as a series regular next season. Sarah has confirmed she would return from her extended maternity leave for eight or nine of the new season’s 13-episodes. Of course that begs the question, what does this mean for the Root/Shaw relationship? IS SHOOT ON?

As Sarah told AfterEllen:

“This is absolutely going to be a romantic return. Root and Shaw should have little Samaritan babies and they’ll just take over the universe. I just had the twins not too long ago and we wanted to find some kind of way for me to come back and make it work with my family because it’s just so much harder. I know nothing about what I’m doing, what my role is going to be. I’m assuming I’m still Shaw.”
“Person of Interest” showrunner POI showrunner and executive producer Greg Plageman expanded on that telling AfterEllen:
“It means everything. I think Sarah’s phenomenal. Amy and Sarah are very complementary in ways a lot of people really responded to. Shaw’s character has two personality syndrome; Amy Acker has her own issues on her show—former assassin turned hacker. Two people who have a really difficult time connecting in the world. I think Shaw has come around to realize maybe this is the person for her in the world.”
He added that Shoot fans should have “more than hope” about the relationship. But then there’s also a lot of talk about how Shaw could now be – even more – seriously fucked up in the head after being captured by Samaritan. That reads to me like there will have to be some major de-brainwashing that needs to happen before there can be snuggles and slow walks on the beach. Kidding, kidding. We all know their perfect date would be just shoot things together followed by furious making out.

I will confess I haven’t watched regularly since the winter when Shaw was shot/left for dead. But I’ve followed along enough to know she was in fact not dead. So this latest news is more than encouraging. If done right this could set the most wonderful precedent. This could be definitive proof that an established show can, quite successfully, turn fan-driven subtext into canonical maintext.

I mean, if these two – quite literally – crazy kids can make it, anyone can. Are you listening, “Rizzoli & Isles,” et al?


Helena said...

So I can keep on dreaming about Rizzles ? :)

Patsy said...


this makes me so happy omg

ps you should seriously watch all the eps in full up until now, if only for an angsty root, knowing it will be ok in the end now ^-^

Anonymous said...

I literally just squealed and clapped my hands.

Kaz said...
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Kaz said...

I'm loving the news but you know they aren't going to make it easy on us fans. Shaw will be working for Samaritan now and she will be messed up from all the torture and brainwashing. My guess that most of the season it will be "will Root be able to get through to her". Of course a little "Root Loving" can fix all that !!!

Just FYI ... the EP Plageman said we should see Shaw as early as episode 3

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure I walked around all day yesterday with the biggest grin on my face at this unexpected and awesome onslaught of Shoot News. Sarah and Greg were both wonderfully direct in their interviews that yes, Root and Shaw have evolved into a romantic couple, their dynamic has "moved beyond subtext" and it's incredibly important to the overarching story. See, Once Upon a Time, it's not that scary.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Squeeeeeeeee! I still miss my Joss Carter - getting my Taraji fix on 'Empire' helps, although Cookie Lyon is a different kind of badass than the good detective. But life must go on, and Shoot is life.