Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rebel Without a K-Stew

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times. I have no idea whether Kristen Stewart is gay. But her hair, yeah, her hair is most definitely gay. These are heady, heady times to be a gay lady indeed. I mean, imagine how different my formative years would have been if there were out young gay ladies like Ellen Page and Kristen Stewart’s Hair to look up to as role models while growing up. You’re damn right it gets better.

I fully approve of this James Dean chic (minus the cigs).

I also fully approve of her young Jodie Foster doppelgangdome.

But, for realsies, has she ever looked more Shane today?

p.s. Bonus K-Stew in a tank top because it is Tuesday, after all.


egghead said...

She's definitely crush worthy (swoon). A lot of people (misogynists) rag on about her acting style and such. I like it, all her angst and stammering -- always have. And she should play James Dean.

Sasha said...

I agree. It's confusing. But how awesome is it that women, gay or straight feel comfortable being a little gender queer in their gender expression!

Carmen SanDiego said...

I've had a crush on her since

Anonymous said...

Probably a sign of old age, but to me she's still the little kid in Panic Room

JW said...

Sleesh. I call bullshit on all the constant media pairing of Pattinson with Stew and that big hullabaloo of the affair Stew supposedly had with her snow white director. Smells like a real life Ray Donovan situation and loads of twilight money at stake.

let me put on my Castle hat -

Snow white director dude probably screwed up real bad somewhere, probably screwed a studio boss' wife/gf/sis/daughter or husband/bf/brother/son and stew probably had Portia-Francesca tabloid styled pics taken. As a trade to stop the press of stew's pics that can damage millions of potential twilight syndication/streaming/bluray/dvd revenue and the public's trust in both stew and pattinson, she does this one thing for the studio boss who cashed in his/her personal "you owe me big time do this I won't destroy you completely" with snow white director dude.

Anonymous said...

Yeah gay 100%. What is she waiting for??

Anonymous said...

Virtually every pic of KStew reminds me not to wear a baseball hat.

Oh & that cleanliness is seriously underrated.

Anonymous said...

Anyway she looks incredible beautiful :)