Friday, October 03, 2014

My Weekend Crush

I don’t know if you watched “Outlander” like I told you to, but I sure hope you did. Because it was very, very good. Epic. Romantic. Adventurous. Feminist. Sexy. A big part of that has to do with the exquisite Caitriona Balfe. As Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser (whew, that’s a mouthful), she is a heroine to be reckoned with. Instead of being “spunky” like your average cookie-cutter independent TV heroine, Claire is a bit of a crank. She can be foul-mouthed and impatient and calculating. Always she is her own person, and a full-realized person at that. That means both her intellect and her sexuality, which is not glossed over with mood lighting and gentle fades to black. “Outlander” is one of the very rare shows on TV to luxuriate in the female gaze, we feel her lust and it’s fantastic. Granted, big burly Scottish Highlanders aren’t really my thing. But, still, well done, Claire. Well done. And none of this would work if Caitriona wasn’t up for the task. She carries Claire on her elegant shoulders with an air of confidence and capability. Also, heavens, has she been lovely to look at. It’s almost enough just to gaze at her beautiful face until “Outlander” returns in April. Almost. Damn, April is a long time away. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. I agree, there was a bit too much sexual menace for my taste. Like, even if it is historically accurate, that is a lot of attempted rapes. Sigh. 


Panty Buns said...

I haven't seen "Outlander" yet but I will definitely search for it on NetFlix. What channel carries it on TV? Yesterday I enjoyed watching "Bloomington", "Room in Rome", and "The Guest House" on NetFlix. I'm dying to watch Season 5 of "Lost Girl" when it comes out on NetFlix if not before then somehow.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed watching "Outlander" also but I was disturbed by the last episode and the exploitative nature of the attempted rape and maiming. Once again, I felt it was not necessary.

sadie0777 said...

Its all necessary as it is Very true to the books. Diana Gabaldon is one of my favorite authors and these shows are so damn close to the actual books that ive Thoroughly enjoyed them. I cannot Wait until next April! You cant understand Claire's stuggle if you gloss over the bad parts of the story. Thats not even half of it either. Just you wait. No spoilers of course but this wont be for the faint of heart.

egghead said...

Ah God, I'm kind of with anonymous about the disturbing aspect of the attempted rape, or anything really with Black Jack in it. The actor who plays him is personally hated by me. I wonder if he is necessary. Yet, isn't this a mark of a good actor? In my opinion when you play it that creepy there is definitely some "creep" to draw upon.

Otherwise, Jamie is refreshing and nice and a good partner for Claire, whom I adore in all her scruffiness and brashness.

I don't think I can watch, though, if Black Jack gets to continue with the cruel sadism. Too much. And like I said, I really think the actor also enjoys it. Sometimes this "real" world is just too violent/ pornographic.