Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Falling Up

Finally, the wait is (maybe, possibly) over. The return date for “The Fall” has been announced by BBC One, which means we get to see more of Gillian Anderson being absolutely amazing. Well, we will once Netflix picks it up for streaming, at least (grumble, kicks rocks, British get everything first, grumbles). Those who watched the first season are no doubt ready for more of this cat-and-mouse detective v. serial killer series. Those who did not watch should catch up because it was only five episodes and what are you waiting for already?

Besides starring the luminous (but seriously, how has she gotten even more beautiful with age?) Gillian as the dogged detective, the series also features Archie Panjabi as a medical examiner and Niamh McGrady as a lesbian police constable. So many wonderful female roles – and also that dude who is going to be in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It is hard to tell much about the second season from the very short trailer, but they are definitely playing up the sexual menace. I’m rather meh on that aspect. But hopefully that is just a way to lure in the BDSM-lite lovers who want to see what else Christian Grey has been up to.

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jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Gillian Anderson is the only reason I watch select episodes of Hannibal.