Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On Thursday We Wear Purple

Hey, Oct. 16 (Thursday, I think that’s Thursday) is Spirit Day. And a couple of the ladies from Orange Is the New Black have lent their support for the Spirit Day spirit. So while they normally wear orange, on Thursday they will wear purple. Which is really sweet.

Also, did you know almost every single OITNB actors has been on Law & Order? Autostraddle did an epic post finding all of their on screen L&O moments. And Vulture followed up with clips. See, now this was why The Series of Tubes was made. To give us this kind of masterclip joy. Cue chung-chung sound.

1 comment:

Scamp said...

Excuse me, Ms. Snarker, but lesbians and gay men wear GREEN on Thursdays. (I was informed of that in 6th grade. From then on, I've always worn something green, even if it was hidden on my underpants.)

One time only, I'll don purple instead.